Company Principles

Business Investment Philosophy

Luna was founded as a gaming company with the goal of building, developing, financing, and managing casino projects throughout the United States. That Luna philosophy still exists today; however, Luna’s business investments now reach far beyond gaming. Luna’s company principles recognize value in businesses as diverse as auto dealerships to cleaning products and from gold mines to vineyards. What does not change in any of Luna’s businesses is Luna’s adherence to the business fundamentals of sound corporate governance and oversight. Luna continues to seek out opportunities or business partners in small to medium sized companies needing additional capital or a seasoned financial counselor to identify and capture the locked business value.

Mission Statement

Luna Entertainment will be a dynamic and aggressive company that is able to effectively manage existing businesses while at the same time evaluating and investing in new opportunities. Luna’s business ownership and investment philosophy will include both a requirement that existing business and new investments produce an acceptable level of return on investment but also that those existing businesses remain interesting and new investments present a challenge. In short, Luna’s existing businesses and new investments will be fun.